Accepted papers

The Ambiguous Archive: Playful Design for Digital Archives and Collections Daniel Lambton-Howard

BrainChain App: A Fully Crowdsourced Design Process For Museums — Lindsey van der Lans, Evy Ligia Ansems and Vassilis-Javed Khan

One Museum, Multiple Entrances – the Case of Living Cultural Heritage — Gerrit C. van der Veer, Teresa Consiglio and Selene Uras

Crowdsourcing Affective Response to Enhance Navigation of an Online Museum Collection — Tom Wrigglesworth and Leon Watts

Design for Experiences beyond the Museum: Classical Paintings as an Introduction to Modern Culture — Arnold P.O.S. Vermeeren, HungChu Shih and JungKyoon Yoon

Supporting Social Engagement for Young Audiences with Serious Games and Virtual Environments in Museums — Panagiotis Apostolellis, Doug A. Bowman and Margaret Chmiel

Augmenting Experience in a Museum with a Location-based App for an Archaeological Site  (unrevised version) — Effie Lai-Chong Law

ArtBytes: a Mobile App for Mixing Art Appreciation with Art Creation — Ali Momeni, Anthoni Tomasic, Sanjana Baldwa, Helen Hong, Rachel Jue, Mina Kim and Evan Metsky

Using Interactive Digital Media to Support Transcultural Understanding of Intangible Chinese Cultural Heritage  — Shichao Zhao and David Kirk

Using the Crowd to Update Cultural Heritage Catalogues — Emma L. Tonkin and Gregory J. L. Tourte

Towards Engagement Beyond Museum Walls (unrevised version) — Adriana S Vivacqua